Thursday, April 1, 2010

best face forward

have you heard of this company? they are out of dallas, tx
and have consultants worldwide (much like avon, mary kay, etc.)
but as far as I can tell, their products are the best!nighttime skin care regime (facial wash, scrub, toner and moisturizer)

i wash my face EVERY night, no matter how late i am out... old makeup is not good for your skin -- it clogs the pores and soils pillowcases (gross, gross!)

then i apply this little miracle
tighten, firm and fill but we call it botox in a bottle!

this cream really works -- i have seen lines
in my forehead and around my eyes literally disappear!and as a weekly treat i do a little microderm abrasion treatment
and buff off dead skin

of course these products cost a little more, but if they defy wrinkles, leave my skin feeling super smooth and healthy and with a lively glow, it's money well spent, and like mama always says, "put your best face forward!"

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  1. I agree - skin care is so important, and this company sounds fantastic! I have not heard of BeautiControl before (thanks for sharing!), but I MUST try!