Tuesday, April 20, 2010

major-league style

take me out to the ballgame!

and what fun it is to root for the home team in
such cute and girlie styles from Victoria's Secret PINK line!
i'm a little more partial to this subtle style,
but i thought these were such a cute twist on MLB styles.

but what team to choose?
i grew up going to st. louis cardinals games with my grandparents....
moved to chicago and became a die-hard cubs fan...
i actually covered opening day one year for a publication i was working for!

but now i'm in boston -- so a sox fan i am!


  1. CUTE STUFF!!!!!!! I need to get me one for the Braves!! :)

  2. So fun! My parents were just at the Cards game a couple days ago!

  3. Wow! These are great! I'm going to see if they the Atlanta Braves right away! Thanks!

  4. Love these! My bestie is from Boston and her bday is coming up. Might have to get her one!