Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the queen and i

let's be honest. we all descended from royalty, right?
at least i would like to believe that i did....

there is absolutly no proven truth to that...(yet)...
 i mean, there are the family stories that have been passed down, and embellished, doubtedput to the back of mind.

but by googling my maiden name recently,
i have found the family castle that is currently up for sale!

where you ask?

the interior

it needs a little tlc, but the french government assures grants for such an historic structure.
(it dates back to the 1600s)

the one particular person i'm interested in that owned the home was working for the king and queen
at the time of his untimely death...
he was marie antoinette's bodyguard and killed defending her during a riot at the palace of versailles,
shortly before the french revolution.

legend has it that much of the family was killed by the guillotine,
but there was one ancestor who got out, as legend has it...

could this be the missing link to my castle, my family fortune...
or just a great story to pass on to muffy?


  1. Ha!!! You are hilarious!!!!!! What a beautiful house though. You need to mosey on over to France and claim what is rightfully yours!!!

  2. That is so cool and funny! Will make a great story!

  3. Would it be a hoot if that turned about to be your family manse?

  4. What a fun story! I'd love to live in that castle! I'll give it all the TLC it needs. :)

  5. Fairy tales can come true...I will most definitely come visit you at your chateau in the French countryside! We can sip champagne and nibble on pain au chocolat in one of the towers, oui?

  6. What a beautiful castle! Was that an ancestor of yours who managed to get away? You never know!! :-)

  7. You'll just have to move there. Haha! Supposedly we're related to Bloody Mary and Mary Shelley, at least that's what my dad has always told us. Not sure how the lineage works, but interesting though. :)

  8. Oooo fun! I think you need to buy it!
    PS...The Queen and Me :O)

  9. I'm quite certain you have rights to that castle!! What a great post!

  10. How about the girls decorate hats and the boys paint t-shirts to look like racing silks?

    Pin the tail on the donkey is a must! Dont forget the blindfold!

  11. Love it!! What fun stories you can tell! I bet if I googled that....I would come across an old out house for sale or something. LOL

    Hope your having a great week! xoxo

  12. What fun! Can you imagine living in a castle??

  13. Perhaps you have claim to major treasure! ah ha ha