Thursday, April 29, 2010

pink & green...all day long

i'm joining in on pink and green thursday with trish over at pink preppy lilly lover!
shout out: hey there sweetie! you have started a revolution!

my theme is pink and green for everything!

for a refreshing start to the day
for the bedroom

for the beach

for the office

for the pup

for organization
for the market
for my own adornment

for the nursery

for an afternoon delight
for a sweet treat

for a slice in my diet coke

for a night out with the girls


  1. Wow! Great choices! Love the refreshing pink drinks with the green garnishes. I think it's a prerequisite now, that I serve that at every party I host. Bring on the girly preppiness! :)

  2. Love your ideas!!!!! Those dog beds are adorable!!!! :) Have a wonderful day!!!

  3. Lovely pictures! Especially that first one!

  4. So much pretty pink & green! Loving that vanity (wardrobing room perhaps???) and the office chairs! XO

  5. Loving all the pink and green! Those drinks just look absolutely amazing! Happy pink and green Thursday!

  6. Maybe I'm just obsessed with pink & green, but man do I LOVE everything that you've displayed!


  7. Oh my word, you weren't kidding with your post title! Pink and Green ALL DAY LONG! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Where do I start? That first delicious pink beverage looks so refreshing (with our without alcohol in it! what do you think it is?) I NEED that pink office chair badly (where did you find it, I will be searching high and low!) The cotton candy and pink lemonade look divine, and OH! that baby bassinet...oh man, wait till I show Matt, the baby fever is RISING! xoxo

    You are too sweet to play along, make sure your link is linked up on my site, I want everyone to see your beautiful pink and greens!! Big hugs to you and sweet Muffy, and wishing you all the best for a successful party this weekend, I know you will be the hostess with the MOSTESS! XOXO

  8. P.S. If you check back, I added you to the Blogger Link, hopefully you will have some new visitors!! oxoxo

  9. Love the first drink it just looks so cute! I may have to do something like that at my wedding. Your pink and green picks are absolutely fabulous. I want to have a Barbie themed party! I am now a new follower!


  10. Oh wow girl, what a bunch of eye candy! I have been wanting those PB chairs forever now! I am loving those pink pearls too...I want them! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  11. Love all your pinks and greens! Have a great weekend. Nice to know Boston will be beautiful this weekend. Enjoy! :) xoxo

  12. What is it about pink and green that makes everything look so delicious! Love them all!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  13. what yummy the lemonade...or it could be something else...i must start using my mint...i have a ton of it growing.

  14. The pink and green organization=AMAZING!