Thursday, April 22, 2010

pre-party prep

$1,000 sterling silver 136th kentucky derby mint julep cup by tiffany & co.

party planning is almost complete...i'm praying for gorgeous weather next weekend!

this weekend entails getting all the goods together and...
yardwork -- mulching & planting (bleh)

i'm not much for the outdoors or yardwork.

here's whay i have planned for the party....


• pulled pork bbq • golden flake dill pickle potato chips (sent up from my parents in TN)
• corn dogs for the kids • coleslaw • raw vegetable tray • fresh fruit tray • cheese & cracker tray
• derby pie • mini red velvet cupcakes • horse-shaped iced sugar cookies


• mint juleps • peach champagne bellinis • sweet tea • pink lemonade • beer


spring dressy casual
dresses and hats for the ladies; khakis and oxfords for the gentelmen

red, white and blue (derby colors)
red roses and silver trays

oversized gold foil horeshoes
framed pictures of derby icons (churchill downs, horses, women in hats, etc.)
derby imprinted paper plates and napkins
country music
derby pre-race festivities on the big screen

pick the winning horse
best hat
make your own derby hat (for the little ladies)
stick horse races (for all the children)

please tell me what i'm missing or need to alter!
hope you have a fabulous weekend!


  1. SO MUCH FUN!!!! I wanna come!!!!!!!!!!

    I love me some peach bellinis!! Such good choices girly!! I can not WAIT to see pictures!!!

  2. hahaha!!! Loved your comment! You are too cute! Your idea sounds amazing! When do we start? ;)

  3. Everything sounds amazing and I wish I could come! I love the idea of stick horse races for the kids - they will have so much fun! The drinks sound amazing (I know I shouldn't be saying that). I don't do yardwork or really anything outside except for golf and walks and other things like that! I can't wait to hear more about the party and see pictures! My sorority has formal on derby day (I was not happy) so I'm making up my own theme and wearing a Lilly dress - I would have done that anyway but now they can't give me trouble! Have a great weekend getting ready for the big party!

  4. Sounds like an amazing party! You will surely be the hostess-with-the-mostest! ;) CANNOT wait to see pictures and the adorable outfit you come up with. Happy Friday!

  5. PS - $1,000 sterling silver 136th kentucky derby mint julep cup by tiffany & co... drooling! If only....

  6. Oh this party sounds perfect in every way, shape and form! I so wish I could be on the fabulous guest list! You have really thought of everything, not that I am surprised in the least, you are always so amazing and thoughful. Can't wait to see your and Muffy's outfits, are you going to match? Is it warm enough to break out the Miss Trish sandals? I will pray for warm sunny weather for your party, but either way I know it will be a BLAST!

    Hope you have a perfect weekend! XOXO

    PS - You NEED that Tiffany mint julep sterling cup! Isn't it gorgeous?! :)

  7. Oh I can't wait to see pictures of this fabulous event! Looks like you have every detail perfect! I also wish I was on the fabulous guest list :)

  8. It all sounds delicious! Take lots of pics! :)