Friday, April 30, 2010

talk derby to me

 well, i'm off to the races!
virtually speaking 
(darnit all, but it will be sunny and warm in the northeast where i am, 
and louisville is calling for a downpour! can you believe?)

here's a sampling of the dress choices and hat.
the hat is much too small for my liking,
but it still bumps into doorways when i wear it.

and here is a little derby-inspired table decoration!
i'm using red roses, but i thought this was just too cute!

and since i'm a barbie girl, i found this cute derby-inspired barbie!
isn't she a cute little derby souvie?

will post pics and tales on monday!

hoping you all have a lovely weekend!


  1. ah have fun!!!! im itching to find a derby party and a hat to wear! ha looks like i have a lot of pieces to put together before tomorrow!! =) cute blog!

  2. Have an amazing time...the weather will be perfect! Thanks for the correction my dear! xx

  3. So darling! (Aren't those two little boys just adorable?) Have a blast at your party - I can't wait to hear all about it and see pictures!

  4. You will have such a fun time at your party! I love your hat and dress options - you will look fabulous! Also, love that Barbie so cute! Happy Derby Weekend!

  5. Wow! Love the yellow dress! Cute pics! I had no idea the Derby was calling for bad weather. Hope it stays pretty, so the horses don't get hurt. :) I was at the Preakness a couple of years ago in Maryland, and watched a horse get put down after breaking his leg, RIGHT in front of me...I'm serious, like I was standing front row to it. It was awful. :(

  6. That table decoration is TDF!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Such beautiful photos! The little boys in the bowtie are precious (and love the little one in the pageboy hat! heehee!) and the centerpiece with the hat is amazing! Your dress selections are perfect, pink or yello, can't go wrong! I am concerned about the weather for all those attending the Derby and for the horses too...hopefully the weather will hold out. PERFECT weather for you this weekend, what a blessing! Have a blast at your party, you will wow your guests I am SURE! Big hugs to you friend! xoxo

  8. cute collages...can't wait to see pics of your party