Wednesday, April 7, 2010

time for CAKE!

as a southern girl, i absolutely LOVE red velvet cake...
but up north there is just no place to find it!
most bakeries won't even TRY to make it.

that's why, i'm pleased to announce
the newest assortment of little debbie snack cakes

you know, those cute little cellophane-wrapped treats
mom used to pack in your lunch box?
well, say good-bye to the nutty bars and oatmeal creme pies
and meet my newest delight!
they're cute, sweet and little (at just about two-and-a-half bites)
and perfect with a cup of tea or a cappuccino!

go ahead...let us all eat cake!


  1. They look delish. I love that they are small...I would probably end up eating the whole box! xx

  2. Those look wonderful! I'll have to look for them next time I'm home!

  3. Omg I haven't seen these...but I'll definitely have to look for them next time I'm grocery shopping! I love red velvet cake :)

    I tried to talk my husband into having a red velvet armadillo cake (from Steel Magnolias) as his grooms cake...but for some reason he just wasn't going for the idea!

  4. Oh my word, these look amazing! I am going to definitely be on the lookout for these next trip to the store! :) I am going to have to exercise MAJOR self control though!

  5. Those look yummy! I don't know what I would do without red velvet cake around!

  6. wow those look absolutely amazing!!! I haven`t seen those yet I will have to be on the look out!