Monday, April 19, 2010

target treasures

miss trish of capri for target flower flats

i was reading a few blogs yesterday afternoon, when i came across
Maryland Pink and Green's post about these gorgeous Miss Trish sandals at Target.

in a split-second, i called to muffy to get her purse because we had to run to target, tout suite!

luckily, a few pairs of these beauties were still on the shelves,
and we snapped them up! i'm so glad muffy loves to shop and enjoys all the pink, green, preppiness and girlieness of all of this!

another close up look... mine only have one bumblebee
(and i think that is the way they are supposed to be
since both flowers were wrapped in tissue)

c'mon summer...we're ready!


  1. Awww those are cute!! I didn't see those at my Target...I'll have to look again today! I'm sure they go fast.

  2. I just ordered my pair online yesterday, too! I can't wait and I'm thrilled to have them since we don't have a target anywhere near me at school! I loved shopping when I saw little, and I think I enjoy it more than my mom now! You're teaching Muffy well!

  3. Oh yay! You and Muffy are my idols! I sooooo hope one day I am blessed with a baby girl, I can't wait to do mommy-daughter shopping dates!

    Those shoes are PERFECT for you both. So sweet with the little details. You two are adorable, have a great day!

  4. Just ordered mine yesterday too, after Maryland Pink and Green's post. These are going to sell out so quickly! I'm posting about mine tomorrow. Haha! Guess they're a preppy hit! :) Love the box too! Cannot wait to get them!

  5. I love them! Too bad the nearest Target to me is hours away! Great find! They really are adorable! Have a fab day!!!

  6. Perfect pink and green for you and Muffy's tootsies! Too cute for words!

  7. Super cute! Our Target was out of my size, but I ordered them online yesterday too! Can't wait to get them :)

  8. How adorable! Sounds like I need to get myself to Target :)

  9. I did the same thing after I read her post. They only had one pair so I looked online and ordered them immediately, I love my iPhone! The bonus was the free shipping!

  10. I have seen everyone with these but the 6 Targets closet to me do not have them! I am freaking out... okay maybe not FREAKING out but a little upset