Friday, April 23, 2010

SHOW US YOUR LIFE -- how i met my husband

this friday, kelly at kelly's corner
is hosting a fun "show us your life" theme -- how i met my husband.

i love kelly's blog and she has thousands of followers,
so i decided to take part in her fun little friday, "get-to-know-you",
plus, i LOVE a good "how-i-met/wedding" story, don't you?

our first getaway to newport, ri in 1999...taken on the cliff walk

here's mine, in brief, with photos i had scanned and close at hand:

i was destined to meet mr prep. i truly was.

off to ice skate at the frog pond in boston, december 1999

as i prepared to leave chicago and move to take my first real career job as a
newspaper reporter/editor in vermont, a woman i had regularly babysat for hosted my going-away party.

it was at her lake shore drive penthouse, she told me about a friend who knew a woman, who had a son my age in the very town i was moving to...she had called ahead and would arrange for a meeting and tour of the town.

this "boy" was actually on HIS way out of town, moving to the big-city of boston, and had his older brother call me! (can you believe i was dissed before he even met me?!)

i met "the brother" and had a few dinners with him, but things didn't really click.

at a roaring '20s party in vermont, fall 1999

fast-forward two years later, "the boy" knocks on my apartment door.
he was in town and stopped by to see an old college friend
--my roommate! she begged me to go out and meet him for a drink.

we hit it off immediately and before long, we were the only two people left at the bar. then, i asked him if was any relation to the brother (they looked a little bit alike) and he looked at me and said: you're THAT girl from Chicago! and proceeded to tell me how he was the one who i was supposed to meet!

my roommate played match-maker and in four months
i moved to boston, following my heart.

we were engaged on st. patrick's day 2001

this was taken the day of our engagement

and married six months later...
we will be married nine years this september. and he still remembers the dress i had on when we met. "the alligator one" -- um, that would be lacoste, mr prep!

and here we are summer, 2009, with our muffy

how did you meet your significant other?


  1. What a fabulous story! That is so cute! I love all the pictures!

  2. Great story! It was meant to be, wasn't it? My hubby and I were introduced my a mutual friend. We hit it off right away, dating long-distance. Nine months after we met, we were engaged and then married the next year. Ten years and two kids later, we're still together. I am quite blessed.

  3. SO SWEET! Y'all are adorable in all of those pictures! I just love a good love story... sigh.

  4. What a darling story, for a darling couple! When is your anniversary? Ours is in September too (September 24)!

    How we met would be the longest comment you've ever seen on your blog!! HAHA! I wish I had time to play today and tell the story, but I promise I will soon. I'll leave you with a cliffhanger...we met at a wedding that he CRASHED. Are you intrigued??!! XOXOX

    Love the pictures, all so sweet! Hugs to you and Muffy!

  5. How wonderful is this? You have such a lovely family.

  6. Great family pic! Met mine in second grade, but we didn't actually start dating until he left for college, and I was still in high school. :)

  7. I LOVE that story! I will have to post mine soon. It's a little long for a comment.

    I love FATE stories!

  8. What a lovely story. Thanks for sharing.

    No S.O. for me right now.

  9. What a sweet story!! Love the pictures!

  10. I'm with you I love a good story like this. Yours is terrific! Loved all the photos! :) xoxo

  11. Ooh I love a good fate story! You two were meant to be :)